Thursday, May 3, 2018

Say Goodbye To Quicken Password Problem With Easy Methods

May 03, 2018 17

Quicken is one of the best accounting software and has been number one for a long time. It has made an infinite number of lives easier and made their money management a seamless task. In earlier days, users often raise their concern of protection while using a third party software to manage their accounts, and hence, Quicken took a step and enabled password-protection on its platform to encrypt the data of the user. Also, it ensures authorized access to the data files stored in Quicken and check the misuse of bank details. To provide the top-level data security, two different type of password policies were introduced.

We use several different applications on our device and every app has its own password, and remembering all is a task. We humans usually forget the most important things, such as a password. But forgetting Quicken password can give you sleepless nights as it contains the most crucial information of your life. But panicking is never the solution. Quicken allows you to recover a password when you forget or lose your password. The recovery takes place in the following manner.
We have arranged the Quicken password recovery steps consecutively to make your task easier:
  • Open the Quicken sign-in page and enter your Quicken id.
  • Follow the link “forgot my password”.
  • Now fill your Login id if prompted.
  • Select the any mean to receive a verification code. Though it has Text as the default recovery method you can switch to “email me code instead”.
  • Provide the code you receive via text or email.
  • Generate a New password and login using it.
  • Note down your password at a safe place.
Now, as we were talking that data-file is password is another type of password in Quicken, which adds an extra layer of protection to your Quicken data files. It ensures that only the owner of the data access it with the password he/she specified. But many of time users get confused amid Quicken login password and Data file password, and this confusion leads to loss of data access. Therefore, if you want to remove password your data files, go to the official website of Quicken and download the tool, to remove the password for data files.
Secondly, you can use the link “forgot my password” and follow the link given above to recover the password.
Adjust Password Settings:
Quicken Support Number offers you a full control over your password and hence provides additional settings to manage your password. If you think that your old password is leaked or you have something better in your mind as a password, follow the below-given step to change or remove your password:
  • Open Quicken and click on File.
  • Select Set password for this data file.
  • Now enter your current password, and then enter the new password you want to set and re-enter the same password for confirmation.
  • Click Ok.
Important Note: In order to remove the password, leave the new password field blank and then there will be no longer a password associated with your data files.
Special Assistance for Windows Users:
If you’re not the tech-geek type of person and searching for Quicken Windows Support, your search ends here. Dial the toll-free numbers to get rid of Password Problem with Quicken on your Windows with the support of Quicken experts. The services are not limited to Windows but any user can take help from technicians working with Quicken Support services.
General Tip: Quicken consisted of some of the most personal information of the users. So, it is recommended to manage your account single-handedly and only share your password it is compulsory to do so.